We value our patients' experience at Hollis-tic Health & Hyperbaric Healing Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to submit your review to one of our social media pages or email us on our contact page.

  • Wow! This place is amazing! From the minute I picked up the phone to make an appointment to the time I left afterwards I was nothing less than amazed and impressed! They are professional, knowledgable, gentle and, most importantly, will take the time to help. I can’t promote this place enough!

    - 6/14/2012 - Kelly W. Grain Valley, MO
  • I was having migraine headaches for about two months straight some worse than others, but never pain free. I started going to Dr. Hollis, and after the first treatment I had no more headaches, and I was able to work and functions pain free. The Water Massage Therapy is absolutely awesome. I don’t like anything touching my feet other than my shoes, and when the water hit my feet I was amazed that it felt good. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. Thank you Dr. Hollis!

    Show More - 10/2/2011 – Betty S.
  • “I have had the opportunity to work side by side with Dr. Hollis and found him to be a Christian man of integrity that is willing and able to make the needed changes in his patients lives in order to insure that they are returned to their optimal health. He is an honest and trustworthy individual who truly cares about his patients. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer my patients or allow him to take care of me or my family.”

    Show More - 7/22/2008 – Dr. Joel Wilstead
  • “Dr Scott was top in his class and it shows. He was able to take a nagging problem and fix it. His skills and knowledge are the most up-to-date. If you are looking for a Dr. that will take the time to listen, keeps up on the latest information, and will truly try to help you (not just line you up and push you through the assembly line) then Dr. Scott is for you.”

    Show More - 5/6/2009 – Al Lozier
  • “I use to have migraines and asthma and heard about Dr.Hollis and his knowledge about natural ways of getting rid of both and now I have neither and that was two years ago and I still see him for wellness check ups.”

    - 8/14/2009 – Joy M.
  • “I have been having chronic neck pain off and on for years, culminating in continual neck pain that would not go away no matter how many ibuprofen or naproxen tablets I took, what kind of pillow I used or in what position I sat or slept. I began treatment with Dr. Hollis in late summer. After several months , my neck pain has diminished. Through Dr. Hollis’s intelligent and caring approach to treating my neck, I have been pain free for over a week. Dr Hollis brings heart and compassion, as well as passion to his work. His dedication to his patients and people in general is always evident and I am grateful for ongoing concern for my health and overall well being.”

    Show More - 11/15/2010 – Rena H.

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