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“The best kept secret in health care is Chiropractic for kids”

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The old saying “as the twig is bent so grows the tree” has never been more important than how it relates to your developing child’s spine and posture.

In the 1700’s the term orthopedics meant, literally, a straight child. The doctors then understood that if you raised a child with regular adjustments and straight posture into their early adult lives, that they would enjoy a lifetime of health, free from a wide range of PREVENTABLE disorders, conditions, and health problems!

That forgotten truth has never been more relevant than today, with the prevalence of “screen time,” cell phones, video games, television, as well as the increasing abuse our children’s spines take from backpacks and sports injury stresses. Remember posture is a window into the spine, the protector of our spinal cord and nerves and an extension of the brain, which controls every organ, tissue and function of their little bodies.

You would be amazed at the health and healing capacity of a child body, with a well aligned posture and spine, through chiropractic adjustments. From asthma to bladder problems / bed wetting, from colic to torticollis, and all other childhood health problems in between, we’ve seen miraculous healing under chiropractic adjustments with testimonials to demonstrate.

We strongly believe every child should have their posture and spine checked regularly to give them the greatest opportunity for a lifetime of health and healing. It’s never too late to start – either right after birth, or anytime between 0 and 18 years. Please get them checked TODAY and share the good news with others. Initial Health Care Provider 10 minute “Meet-In-Greets” with Dr. Hollis are always FREE!

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